Hypnotherapy and the Battle of the Bulge

Hypnotherapy as a method for losing weight is most effective when it is incorporated into a plan for living a healthy lifestyle. Hypnosis will help you lose weight and also to help you keep the weight off. The goal should never be just to lose weight but also to achieve a healthy body weight. Statistics show that approximately 44 percent of Australians would like to lose weight yet only 1 percent may choose to use alternative treatments such as hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy helps you to lose weight by first identifying why you need to lose weight and what causes you to overeat. The motivation behind the food is very integral to the success of this form of alternative treatment. To give some examples, bad habits that might have developed in an overweight person are eating too much food at one sitting, eating too fast, eating the wrong kind of foods (fried, fatty or salty foods as opposed to healthy foods) or eating late at night.

If you have tried unsuccessfully in the past to lose weight, hypnotherapy has the ability to uncover the false beliefs that may have hindered your success. For example you may have been eating to feel better about yourself or to stave off loneliness or boredom. In this way you are eating for a purpose that is false. This is often referred to a form of emotional eating or comfort eating which takes place in order to make you feel better and specifically to fulfill a psychological need for something.

Once these problems have been identified, hypnotherapy seeks to help you to move forward in a new and healthier direction. This is done by developing new beliefs and new habits during the hypnotherapy sessions.

Weight loss does not have to be a difficult and exhausting process if you choose hypnotherapy to guide you. Hypnotherapy can be instrumental in boasting your self confidence and allowing you to feel more empowered. A new and improved self-image can be the positive result of hypnotherapy session. The hypnotherapist will help you to visualize yourself being happy, healthy and looking as svelte as possible. The expression “think yourself thin” can be applied to what hypnotherapy seeks to do.

Hypnotherapy will also help you alter the way you think about food and will help bring about more respect and love for yourself. Relaxation is another positive attribute of hypnotherapy. As a patient of hypnotherapy, you will develop a more positive and relaxed outlook on food, dieting, nutrition and how you feel about yourself in general.

Hypnotherapy will help to overcome the stress that is often underlying the state of being overweight. Positive thinking and a healthier well balanced attitude can go a long way in helping an you not just to lose weight but to keep it off.

Employing the help of a qualified hypnotherapist will serve to retrain your brain in how it views the foods you put into your body and the way it processes thoughts that relate to nutrition, meal preparation and the like. Always keep in mind that developing a healthy attitude towards eating is one of the many goals of hypnotherapy.

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