Kiss Depression Goodbye with the Help of Hypnotherapy

If you have tried many methods for getting rid of depression and still find yourself blue then consider trying hypnotherapy. You have a certain measure of control over what happens in your life and nobody enjoys feeling as if they are helpless to determine their life progression.

Depression is a very common emotional disorder that affects approximately seven percent of the population (13 to 14 million individuals) annually. It is theorized that only 20 percent of people who are depressed find a form of treatment that helps them improve. Approximately 16 percent of all adults will experience depression at some point in their lifetime. More than 800,000 Australians each year battle depression, less than 40% request care and less than 1 in 6 will receive any type of evidence based treatment.

Depression affects women twice as often as it affects men and this is believed to be because of the hormonal changes women experience throughout their lives. Women tend to seek out treatment for depression more readily then men do. Men are three times more likely to commit suicide than are women. Depression is also more and more common in children, teenagers and the elderly.

It is important to bear in mind that painting a picture of yourself, as a victim can become a habit that is difficult to break. Sessions with a hypnotherapist can serve to do battle with that destructive habit and to turn things around so a patient feels strong, confident and empowered. Once you feel that you have some control over what happens in your life a whole new way of perceiving and experiencing your life will open up which can make a tremendous difference.

Hypnotherapy seeks to help a patient cope with unresolved emotions and thoughts he or she may have. Proponents of alternative medicine believe that the mind and body are connected and both must be in balance in order for a person to be healthy. Hypnotherapy seeks to restore the “mind-body balance” and to create harmony between the two. Hypnotherapists first need to figure out why a person is depressed and this could have more than one cause and then it becomes necessary to find the triggers that occur to make it get worse.

Before you visit a hypnotherapist go see your medical doctor so he or she can rule out any medical conditions as being the cause of your depression. Then you should sit down and write down words that describe your depression so that when you go to a hypnotherapist, she will be better able to ascertain whether your depression has a psychological or organic cause. Examples include words like sluggish, dark, dreary, heavy, slow and so on. The better you can describe how you feel the more effective you will be at communicating with the hypnotherapist.

A hypnotherapist can choose from a variety of methods to help patients and this is often an individual decision based on the patient’s unique case. Examples of hypnotic methods most commonly employed include direct suggestion, progressive relaxation, the counting method, etc. Some hypnotherapists will see patients for a few sessions and then will teach them how to do self-hypnosis so they can continue to help themselves in the privacy of their own homes.

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