Learn About Time Line Therapy to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Time line therapy is a relatively new form of alternative medicine that is receiving a lot of attention. Time line therapy is a very simple process that makes it possible for an individual to release all of the pent up negative emotions that they have from the past and to begin to create a happier and more fulfilling future. Time line therapy helps a person to go from feeling limited to feeling that their life has possibilities and that they can make things happen in their life.

Everyone has a “time line” in his or her head. It is how and where you store all of the memories of your past on an unconscious level. The time line is also how the grain knows how to differentiate the difference between a memory from the past and the potential events that could take place in the future. It is important to realize that behavioural types of modifications do not take place consciously but instead they take place at an unconscious level that is not detected by the conscious mind.

No one makes changes in their life in the conscious mind. It is all done under the surface, deep down in the unconscious. Time line therapy taps into the unconscious mind where all the past, present and future emotions and thoughts are kept and this is where it gets to work getting rid of inappropriate and negative emotions and experiences that are no longer needed. These emotions and thoughts are detrimental to a person’s present and future and are the result of programming because of unpleasant experiences that have taken place. Time line therapy releases these toxic feelings and thoughts and does so in minutes as opposed to needing weeks, months or even in some instances, years of counselling.

Time Line Therapy is a relatively new form of alternative therapy that was introduced in 1988 by Tad James, M.S., Ph.D. in the book Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality. Tad James and those who have studied time line therapy believed that part of plays a role in a person’s personality is all of things that they have experienced in their life, which is to say a collection of the good and the bad such as joys and fears, happiness and sadness, loves and hates as well as the good and bad decisions they have made.

Hypnotherapists who practice time line therapy are able to tap into an intervene their patient’s time lines and by so doing can uncover what has taken place in their life in order to assist them in making positive changes that can improve their life for the better. These changes can range from small to large life-altering changes.

Time line therapy teaches a number of techniques that can make it possible for a person to gain more emotional control over their life in general and those areas in which they feel powerless. By so doing this can bring on a greater feeling of empowerment and success which can have far reaching positive circumstances.

According to Giordano Bruno in the year 1600, “Time and our past memories are not ‘real’. They seem real to us, however they are only products of our memories. As such they can be changed and reorganized to our liking.” This is what time line therapy seeks to do.

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